I came to America from Asia at a relatively young age.

          My early years were spent learning Asian culture, whereas my later years involved adapting to American culture. This perspective has allowed me to internalize the most positive aspects of Asian culture while incorporating the best aspects of American culture. For although I grew up with Asian culture, I have spent the majority of my life interacting with American culture. So I have learned the important principles of hard work, family values, self-sacrifice, and community cohesion; in addition, I have recognized the need for tolerance and open-mindedness as well as continuous experience and improvement.

          People are diverse because of their different cultural backgrounds and experiences, but are united by their common humanity. For this reason, I became committed to helping people, especially immigrants like myself. I devoted myself to speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves, and helping people raise up their social status and position.

          Although I believe that I can be an effective force myself, I recognize that joining together with like-minded persons can create a more powerful and effective team. This team can provide great leadership without turning into a dictatorship. Therefore, for these and other reasons, I am calling on Asians in general and Vietnamese in particular. I would like to invite all business owners and advocacy groups to join me in: raising your voices and speaking for deprived citizens; empowering your status and position in society and the community; and recognizing common humanity while celebrating cultural diversity.

          Last but not least, where are those cultural heroes? Because No Challenge, No Talent®. I DARE y’all to acquire my Symbols – to be Seals – and create a unique agility, a unique attitude, a unique style, and a unique identity, and to demonstrate throughout the world your position as ELITE Asian-Americans.

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