People all over the world are united in their love of liberty. No matter where they come from or where they live, men and women yearn to speak freely, to move freely, and to associate freely. This figure, DLiberty, represents this universal desire and striving for liberty. She is dressed simply but elegantly, as common folk are also entitled to liberty. She is a young woman, representing the ever-growing tide of female power and influence, as women go to places they have never been before, accomplish feats that they have never done before, and establish places in society they have never occupied before.

DLiberty does not bear the marks of any one particular region, but could be from anywhere in a country: North, Central, or South. She is holding a torch that is a beacon for liberty and the future, to lead people out of the darkness. This torch contains three hearts to represent these three regions: North, Central, and South. The flames of the torch are yellow, to signify the immense opportunities that come with liberty. Out of these opportunities can come prosperity, as yellow is also the color of gold. Coming out of the flames are three red stripes. Red stands for courage, as women have demonstrated the courage to fight for their liberty and thereby take advantage of opportunities awaiting them.

DLiberty is dressed in blue and white. White represents purity, as DLiberty welcomes all, without exception, with an open and generous heart. She does not block the way to any, or discriminate against anyone, man or woman. Blue represents loyalty, as DLiberty maintains her position as a beacon for all, and does not shirk the responsibility that she has undertaken. She holds a book with the motto, “It’s time”. This signifies that now is the time for women to break free of all of the limitations which have held them back from achieving their full potential; now is the time for women to forge ahead to realize their dreams and ambitions; now is the time for women to adopt their rightful place as members of society that are responsible for shaping the world of today and the world of the future. The book is yellow with red lettering. Again, this represents the courage required to make these advances, and the great opportunities that these advances can bring. All of these colors represent the unity between the Asian people and the American people, as America is the land of opportunity, and red, white, and blue are the colors of the American flag.

The bidding for this “symbolic figure” starts at $5 million. This symbolic figure can be used by an organization in a multitude of ways. First, an organization can display this figure on company grounds and in correspondence to emphasize their commitment to empowering both men and women to reach their highest potential and work for the common good. In addition, any literature or services provided by the company can include this figure to underscore the organization’s interest in the self-actualization of individuals, whether they are employees, clients, other interested parties, or the general public. Goods produced by the organization can display this figure to attract customer attention and ensure a positive response.

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