Golden Hero

A snake is well known for its ability to survive in harsh environments, adapting to the elements while other creatures succumb to heat and starvation.

Immigrants have been obliged to adapt to strange and foreign environments with many challenges and perils.

This symbol is not simply a snake, but is a king cobra. The king cobra can move swiftly through water, in the same way that immigrants have crossed vast oceans to come to America. Unlike many other snakes, the king cobra does not lay eggs and then abandon them. Instead, they build a nest which is then vigorously defended by both the mother and the father, just as immigrant families defend and nurture their children. The cobra has the ability to draw others toward itself using its hypnotic eyes, in the same way that a shrewd salesperson can entice customers through words, gestures, and looks. The cobra in this symbol does not take an aggressive stance. Rather, it has an alert and perceptive expression. It does not need to attack others in order to thrive; however, it does have the ability to defend itself from attacks when necessary. Although yellow cobras do exist, this cobra is yellow to represent opportunity and prosperity. Yellow is, of course, the color of gold, but this golden snake symbolizes more. Gold can be achieved through seeking out opportunities for successful ventures, as this snake represents this search. This snake also has alternating yellow and red stripes, with red symbolizing the courage needed to go forward to achieve prosperity. The number seven appears subtly in the motto, The World’s Perfect Theme, as the letter T is stylized to resemble a number 7. Not only is the number 7 a lucky number in America, but the motto contains two 7’s, and the number 14 in Asia signifies long life, prosperity, and happiness. This motto ties in perfectly with the symbol, as the symbol combines all of the elements required for success and happiness: skill, endurance, determination, patience, perception, and luck.

The bidding for this “symbol” begins at $2 million. In addition, anyone acquiring this symbol may also be interested in the slogan, “The Whole Perfect 10”. Asian immigrants come from a number of different lands, such as Vietnam or China, but are now living in America. As a result, Asian business people must create brands and mottos that can appeal to members of their community while employing the terminology of America and thereby expanding this appeal. That is the case with The Whole Perfect 10. In America, something rated a 10 is at the very top, receiving a perfect score. In other words, a perfect 10, representing the best, the elite in any category, as good as anything can possibly get. It is not simply a perfect 10, but “The Whole Perfect 10”. This encompasses every aspect of a company or organization. The Whole Perfect 10 in products, in services, in speed of service, in customer relations, in innovation, and so on. This motto will immediately identify you to your customers as a company at the highest level, and not simply in a superficial category as appearance, but in all of the different aspects that are important to them. This motto can be used as a business motto, but can also be used as an imprint on commercial goods as well. Because of the positive response this motto will bring, the domain name is also available.


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